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About The Author

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Madhuri Soni lives on the Gold Coast with her husband and two energetic little ones.  

Having grown up listening to the many stories of the great Vedic Gods and Goddesses, Madhuri was inspired to introduce these super heroes to her own children.

What began as fun, interactive games and stories for her children have now become an invaluable asset for parents and teachers globally.

Madhuri creates cultural resources that appeal to infants and young children in the foundation years of life.  All of her work is based on research of Vedic literature and is presented with a modern twist for the young generation.  She ensures simple, age appropriate language is used, along with bright lovable characters to impart valuable cultural knowledge.


Madhuri believes that play-based learning and storytelling are the perfect medium to connect families and friends.  Through her work Madhuri aspires to help families to bond and introduce different aspects of Hindu culture to the world.

Madhuri is very passionate about giving back to the community and has partnered with charities nationally and globally that help disadvantaged children with literacy and education.

Profits from the books be donated. Click to learn more about our partnered charities. 


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