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Charities We Support

Profits from book sales are donated locally and globally to help disadvantaged children with literacy and education.

A cause very close to our heart.

We believe in connecting families and giving back to the community. 

Supporting on Home ground

thumbnail_2019 TSF Community Fundraising

As Australia’s largest national education-oriented charity, The Smith Family support disadvantaged Australian children to participate fully in their education, giving them the best chance at breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

Please visit The Smith Family website for more information about the wonderful work they do:

"Investing in the education of a disadvantaged child delivers long-term positive benefits for them, their family and potentially generations to come." -  The Smith Family

Supporting on a Global scale

Golden Avatar Trust.png

Golden Avatar Trust

Golden Avatar Trust is a community project that functions in West Bengal, India which aims to provide support, education and love to those in need.  


"In West Bengal, India, we find some of the poorest and most neglected children in the world, facing challenges which include child drugs and crime. It is here that Golden Avatar Trust operates to try to make a difference for a few."

Please visit The Golden Avatar Trust face book page for more information about how they are creating a difference:

"In any part of the world one of the biggest factors widening the gap between the rich and the poor is a lack of equal access to education. When someone is denied an opportunity for education, they are denied a lifetime of opportunities." 
- Golden Avatar Trust

Amount donated :        $1000

Thank you for your contribution

With every purchase you help us to make a difference!

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