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About The Vedic Heroes Collection

Books to love, learn and cherish!

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Vedic Heroes is a collection of books introducing children to the most popular deities from the ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures. The books are presented in a poetic form, incorporating rhythm and rhyme, with brightly coloured illustrations that will engage even the youngest of readers. You and your child will delight in meeting and getting to know the fun and lovable characters in each book.

This series is suitable for children from birth to early readers.


Research shows that ‘reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for building the skills and knowledge necessary for children to successfully learn to read when they begin school.

Children who are good readers are usually successful learners.’

The collection has been written by Madhuri Soni, an Australian based pharmacist, author and mother.  Madhuri worked closely with Abira Das, our Indian based illustrator, who was able to create visually engaging characters and fun, familiar scene designs.


The Gods and Goddesses have been depicted in a modern and relatable way to impart valuable cultural knowledge to the inquisitive and imaginative minds of children. 


The information presented within each book has been carefully researched from Vedic sources and compiled with simple language that is easy to comprehend for young children.

By reading these books with your little ones you can help to make story time a cherished experience as they learn about Hindu culture.

It is a wonderful way to bond, not only for parents, but also grandparents, siblings or aunties and uncles.

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Embracing diversity and raising multicultural kids is vital in our world today.  It makes children more accepting of each other, giving them an open and inclusive world view.  The Vedic Heroes are an invaluable asset for parents and teachers globally to foster multiculturalism. 


With these books, you can introduce your child to different aspects and values of Hinduism. Each page will stimulate curiosity and can be a starting point for a deeper discussion of various topics with your inquisitive children.

Living in our diverse society, people are very interested to learn about other cultures and beliefs. These books can be a wonderful source to introduce Hindu Gods and Goddesses to friends and classmates in a fun and engaging way that fosters cultural diversity.

With such vibrantly illustrated depictions you and your children will feel pride in sharing these amazing super beings with everyone.

We hope the Vedic Heroes collection becomes a family favourite and an integral part of your daily story time fun.

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